Process Is Key We can help every step of the way.
Your Idea Everything starts here. Our team will work with you and your idea through every step of the process. As much or as little as you need, we are happy to assist you. Development The development stage is divided into defining and then designing your idea. We move step by step to ensure the best possible outcome. Preliminary research helps us get a better understanding of the market your product or service will be used in and insights gained from this step will benefit the following design process. Research We have a team of designers who will help you bring your idea to life through hand sketching several design variations until the best solution is found. Ideation Building a physical prototype is invaluable to the design process. A prototype will help our design team work on many engineering aspects of your idea. Prototype The Patenting Process The trail of inventing always leads past the Patent Office. We isolate and define the key elements to your Intellectual Property with regards to novelty and patent-ability. We have the tools to write superior patents, thus keeping your idea safe and legally solid, providing you with the best information to take to your patent attorney. Commercialization Our market research from earlier in the process will help us guide you through the steps of commercialization. Our design team can build your brand professionally so that it will be a market success. CAD modeling is used to get a detailed visual of the final model before production. CAD Model
We perform accurate and thorough Patent searches and consult on timing and number of patents to pursue. Prior Art Search Sometimes it is necessary to further develop the concept at this stage in order to ensure strong patenting ability. Concept Refinement Utility patent illustrations deal with the function of your product and different steps are taken to produce a quality patent. Utility Patent Illustrations Design patent illustrations focus on the aesthetic qualities of the product that need to be patented. Design Patent Illustrations
Branding makes your product recognizable. Your product will be known through the graphics. We can help you build your brand so that it reflects you and draws in customers. Our design team can create powerful graphics and websites to help successfully communicate your concept to the rest of the world. Visual Branding We can help set you up with price quotes for tooling, sourcing, assembly, etc. We will help your company every step of the way. Manufacturing A licensing contract needs to be negotiated in order for your product to be sold in stores. Licensing We will help you set up warehousing, shipping and distribution so that you can get your product on the stores' shelves! Logistics
Funding We have the resources to help get your product funded through crowdfunding, grant writing, venture capitalist meetings and royalty contracts.
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