Meet Tuna Team Who will be on Your design team.
Our Philosophy
Bigger Tuna, LLC is a full service development team committed to helping companies and individuals create, organize and deliver product solutions to the marketplace. Whether you are trouble shooting existing Intellectual Property or developing a product or service from just an idea, Bigger Tuna, LLC will work to make sure you have what you need to succeed. We don’t believe in staying with something that’s not working just because you are “so far down the path”. As designers it is our job to find a cost effective solution for such a problem, and we never stop exploring options. Part of our design process is assessing the growth of your idea and spotting opportunities. We get your I.P. covered quickly so that you may be introduced to strategic partners that are identified along the way. The goal for most people is to turn their ideas into financial gain. As opportunities arise, be sure that that your design team is partnering with you in a way that allows you to make decisions about when and to whom your ideas are shown.
“The careful balance of multiple design methods with the appropriate application of skills & capabilities leads to the identification of the right questions and guides us to superior solutions – Steve Sauer
Our Staff
Jeff Myers Commander & Mechanical Engineer Jeff's attention to detail means that no mechanical problem will go unsolved. His past experience and commitment to excellence gives Jeff the perfect outlook to make the most of any project. Steve Sauer Chief & Industrial Designer Steve is passionate about the customer and uses his skill set to make sure they get the right solution for thier problem. He treats every project as the unique challenge that it is and is very passionate about design. He sees every project through to the right end.
Matthew Seibert Senior Industrial Designer Matt has an insatiable hunger to create, with a huge passion for taking an idea for a new product and giving it life to prepare it best for its consumer. He believes every successful product not only should appeal, but also create a lasting impression and memorable experience for each customer. When he's not creating, you can find Matt roaming thrift stores for vintage products and collectibles, soaking up the sun, or trying to get in some much needed exercise! Adam Scott Industrial & Visual Design Wizard Adam brings life to 2D ideas through precise and beautiful 3D digital models. Though he is formally a product designer, he is also a talented visual communication designer as well, specializing in branding and identity. He has worked on numerous projects involving branding, product development and web design. When he's not working, he's either cycling or producing music. Kaitlyn Martinelli Researcher & Visual Ambassador Though it is often overlooked, research for design is as important to the success of a product as any other step in the product development cycle. Setting the stage for effective execution of of solving a problem is key. Kaitlyn also uses visual language to express market needs and reflects that in the product's final brand. Following a successful project, Kaitlyn might be seen hiking around Columbus or practicing T'ai Chi
Our Studio
Our studio is a little unique because we are located in the newly renovated Columbus Idea Foundry. At the Idea Foundry, we are surrounded by creative minds with the entrepreneurial and inventor spirit. We also have full access to a large variety of machinery and 3D printing for fabricating/prototyping products. We hope you'll stop by our design studio and take a tour of the Columbus Idea Foundry!
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